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Move to a more data-driven and
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Access insights and data instantly from our Insights Platform. Get a data scientist to build additional reports and solutions to help you run your business off robust data and insights.

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Analytics Plan

Select a plan that best suits your requirements. Then get instant insights from our smart platform and/or hire a data scientist who you can work with to take your business to the next level.

We’ll set up your
Analytics Environment

We will quickly set up a secure, cloud-based environment to run your analytics. Our Insights Platform will configure to immediately connect to your systems (eg. QuickBooks, Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Analytics) to create a cloud-based data warehouse and instantly deliver a set of powerful, pre-configured reports for you to work from.

Deliver ongoing

Use the platform to build your own custom insights and reports, or hire a data scientist to do it for you. We work with you to answer the burning questions you need answered.


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From as little as $200 per-month we have a solution that will deliver value to your business.


Platform Access

$200/ month

For small businesses who require access to centralized data and a set of real-time reports to get going.

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Platform & Data Scientist (20 hours)

$2,000/ month

For small to medium businesses who require access to centralized data, a set of real-time reports and world-class ongoing analytics.

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Why EXPLORE Insights?

Transformational business insights comes from having proper data infrastructure together with scientists/tools to extract these insights. We offer both, allowing businesses to make better, faster decisions.

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We work with companies across the world to grow their analytical ability and gain a competitive advantage.

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